Environmental Concepts LLC | Myrtle Beach International Airport
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Myrtle Beach International Airport


Myrtle Beach, SC

About This Project

The steady growth in air travel to the Grand Strand area precipitated the need for a new terminal.  Unfortunately politics and ill-fated planning had mired the project in a less-than-desirable location on the opposite side of the runway.  Eventually clearer minds prevailed and the new Terminal Capacity Enhancement Program was initiated.


Working with a multidisciplinary group of design professionals and our client – the Horry County government – Environmental Concepts took an active role in the initial site planning efforts for the landside terminal improvements by contemplating: security; vehicular traffic flow into the site and back out to the newly-planned Harrelson Boulevard; pedestrian circulation; new site ID signage; dedicated loading/unloading lanes at the new terminal; transit staging and loading; a cellphone waiting area; configurations for secure long-term, short-term, economy, and employee parking; a new rental car facility and toll plaza.


In addition, Environmental Concepts was actively involved in the entitlement process assuring prior public and political controversies had been addressed and approvals were secured, thus laying the foundation for the construction phase.